Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dude and the office Stud

Dude and the office Stud.

Both of them have their own rooms in the grey matters between your ears ala Being John Malkovich.
One keeps it real and the other lined up his pens and books.
One is an overgrown teenager and the office stud with egoistic demeanour to race up the corporate steps mercilessly.
Dude will look forward to the journey as Stud is going the distance and he’s going for speed to the destination.
One yearns to travel the globe and live with the locals at exotic locations and the other looks over his shoulder for the big room with a view in his office.
One wants to get out of town on a fast car like Tracy Chapman and OS, cos who works in an office without acronym, reasons to collect cars, porcelain & cufflinks.
Dude is skilled to write for the tabloid as he can fit in a message in a 2 by 6 column and Stud will verbosely write half the broad papers to deliver the same message.
Dude by definition is carefree and peacefully embrace for whatever comes in the coming 10 years, where the other saves ahead to paying off his 3rd property and plan for his funeral if he can.
One wants to know he lived and take whatever his experiences when he is called upon, and the stud will take his Rolex to his grave. Oh yeah, Dude would like office Stud not to forget to do his will.
Time is a four-letter word and it's slipping away.

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kish said...

Nice sharing this line is wonderful to read "Time is a four-letter word and it's slipping away". No one can deny that phrase.

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