Thursday, February 08, 2007

1st love

When you're just a young boy i bet you can't wait to meet the height requirement to get on rides at the theme park. Before long, you were charged the adult fare on public buses, with a sense of pride no less. Then you'll be moving back of the queue when lining up for classes. Most of you would be getting better at sports, hitting longer shots, taking harder hits, you'd make them pay if they cheat you on defense. Soon, you're at your peak, you'd run 10 kilometres in a game. In your mind, you can only get better, stronger & faster. You're what R.Kelly was about when he's belting 'I believe I can fly'.

Your first injury came, but you bounced back so quick that you believe you have no krytonite. Then warm ups became part of ritual. Your body you put to test, but like a rubberband it ain't elastic & tough after wear & tear. Experience gives your game smarts, deft, intimidation and fakes instead of brute physical prowess & quickness. The hours you used to put in your game are now ticking away in cubicles. Your mind tells you to get there, but your legs have other ideas. You shift from being a striker to midfield to defender to godforbid goalkeeper. Your favourite players and them players you follow started to retire one by one. You're soon wearing Cesc Farbegas jersey. You reminisce how you used to get oohs & ahhs. Your body stops reproducing 25 years after arrival. No more quick healing, ankle sprains takes weeks instead of days. When and how do you accept you're gonna have to start playing golf?

It dawned upon me that i have to give up my first love.


joe said...

My sentiments exactly..a day will come, whence we have to give up our manly games and take-up feminine excercises in futility like golf, but not today, nay! Today we stand and fight! AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

joe, you are not even a man